Lawyers Weekly: LawTech Talks with Amreeta Abbott

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When she bought her first home at the age of 21, Annature founder and chief executive Amreeta Abbott couldn’t believe how many documents she had to sign in person. Having worked across professional services strands as a tech entrepreneur, she understands better than most the inextricable need for more efficient processes as we move into a post-pandemic market.

On this episode of LawTech Talks, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Ms Abbott to discuss her personal and vocational journeys, how she feels the legal profession is faring relative to other industries when it comes to uptake and meaningful utilisation of technologies such as eSignatures and identification verification, what further change needs to occur in law (both legislative updates and community perceptions), and what sectors of the profession are upping the ante.

The pair also delve into the extent to which change is client-driven or led by lawyers, better navigating pain points with eSigning and identity verification, why technology helps one evolve into a better, more modern lawyer in addition to making one’s life easier. Elsewhere, the pair talk about Annature, its purpose within the legal profession and benefits it currently offers for lawyers.